Art As A Weapon Documentary
Posted by Ronnie Bullets on November 23rd, 2011

Art as a Weapon Documentary // Beginnings from BREADTRUCK TV on Vimeo.

Art as a weapon is a feature documentary investigating the intersection between street art, Democracy and Buddhism. Interveiws with Shepard Fairey and Aung San Suu Kyi. Directed by Jeff Durkin

Art as a weapon” will look at the connection between street Art, Buddhism and the struggle for Democracy by using the closed country of Burma as a case study. The film will follow a Buddhist monk poet who’s building a library, artist Shepard Fairey painting a 30′ tall mural, and a elementary school art class learning how to use spray paint- giving the audience a peek into the the lives of artists and how art has the power to move people. Interviews include Shepard Fairey and Nobel peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

This will be a “connections film” looking at the collision between the big forces that shape humanity- Art, Politics, and religion in both the eastern and western worlds. By combining beautiful cinematography, with Buddhist philosophy the project will illustrate the power Art has in the bloody fight for Democracy. Part art film, part political film, the goal is to continue spreading the word by using art as a weapon for peace in Burma. 

Art as a weapon teaser // 3 mins from BREADTRUCK TV on Vimeo.

  1. Posted by TMNK aka NOBODY on November 24th, 2011

    New York Street Artist NOBODY aka TMNK, is the originator of the ART IS MY WEAPON MOVEMENT. For Over 4 Years he has used STREET ART to promote peace, and as a weapon for humanity and non-violence. TMNK has given away countless bandanas and T shirts with his Logo, THE ART IS MY WEAPON LOGO, Featuring and An Assault Rifle that Drips with the words ART IS MY WEAPON.

    I, We, think Jeffrey Durkins premise for this film as well as the logo is lifted from TMNK’s journey as a street artist.

    It was TMNK, Not Shepard Fairey who made statements daily for PEACE with his art and his He(art). Not for Profit or commercial benefit, because he was a NOBODY in the STREETS That Care$.

    As Shepard Fairey how many homeless artists live in his house? Ask Shepard Fairey how many inner city kids he mentors.

    And Ask them BOTH why did they STEAL my LOGO, and my intellectual property and package it as their own?

    If There is any Question about what I’m saying, simply google TMNK, and Google ART IS MY WEAPON, and you decide for yourself.

  2. Posted by TMNK, aka NOBODY - ART IS MY WEAPON on November 26th, 2011

    Jeff – Thank you for responding to my concerns. Again, you all seem like good people. And I would like to take you at your word. But it all seems a bit too convenient.
    In an age where even kids GOOGLE names. A simple Google of Art As A Weapon (BEFORE) you began your project would have yielded did you mean ART IS MY WEAPON?
    And the Images search would have yielded my LOGO.

    But once you were made aware. Apology noted. You continued to use it. And to add insult to injury,
    You continue your fundraising efforts using imagery, wording that draws on, dilutes and diminishes detracts from OUR message, that art is MY message, a personal empowerment to find creative Nonviolent ways to work for peace and humanity – NOT just in BURMA, but here at home and throughout the world.

    1. It makes it harder for me to Launch a vehicle to tell OUR STORY, as it will or could be conceived that WE, are now copying YOU.
    2. Future fund raising attempt on our part could be hampered, as others may feel they already gave to us. or That our efforts are somehow an attempt to profit off ART AS A WEAPON.
    3. The core of Democracy that we cherish, that so many other dont have is FREE SPEECH. Yet, your site has deleted and removed opinions/comments that criticize or are against what you have done.
    What ever happened to a fair an open debate or discussion. A one sided story, seems to be what I (we) have been fighting against. I’ve used my art to show others that their small voice, even the voice of a nobody like me matters. Yet you chose to silence the voice of the people who spoke in opposition to you. Just what kind of freedom is that?

    YOU are correct, that I am too close to this. I am very close to this. I don’t think you a real grasp as to how far reaching the ART IS MY WEAPON message has been.Mentoring Inner City Kids, Speaking out against Homophobia and Hate Crimes, Visiting Nursing Homes, GIVING COMPUTERS to Inner City Artists, Housing The Homeless in my home. Including young Artists in my exhibits. Making Everyday of my life about Inspiring Peace and Humanity. IT’s NOT A FUNDRAISER. IT”S NOT A MOVIE. IT’s MY LIFE.


    But what Infuriates me is AFTER, being fully informed and aware there was no mention on your site of your “so-called” accidental infringement. There was no mention of your respect for, support of TMNK and th ART IS MY WEAPON Movement. There was no information provided to inform visitors, of the differences, and a link to ART IS MY WEAPON, or any recommendation that they join and support our efforts.
    Just, a casual apology, and business as usual.

    Nahhhh, I went from homeless to the artist, a NOBODY using his voice his art, and encouraging others to use their voice to stand up for peace. ART IS MY WEAPON. ANd so now my story, is no longer MY story? Its YOUR story and Your logo talking about Burma?


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